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THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS As with the cycle of daylight so goes the cycle of my running. I don’t know about you but for me longer days means longer and more intense runs and more mental/physical energy. As the

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RUNNING ACROSS THE STATE By Frank Cunha III A few weeks ago (on August 1, 2015) I participated in the 20th Annual “RIVER TO SEA RELAY” (14 stages totaling 91 miles) with my friends from my Sparta Runners Club.  Unlike any other race I

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Latest Article Published by Clifton Roadrunners Club

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Run Faster & Longer By Running Less

The best way to become a better runner is to run….of course. Accumulating lots of miles (volume) will certainly help you become a better athlete. With increased volume there is also an increased potential for injury or burnout.  The experts

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Why This Year is My Year

1) Experience  Older and a bit wiser, I’m no longer a Triathlete (swimming/cyclist) newbie Train smarter, not harder Understanding/improving my strengths and weaknesses 2) Packs Learn from the experience of my running and cycling groups Join another running group that

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Ring in the New Year with a Run

This year I started the new year with a 5K run – my third one so far! It’s a friendly run/race hosted by my running club, the Sparta Runners Club. But I figure if I’m going I’m going to go

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Proper Pacing Will Make You a Better Runner

Practice Different Paces “A lot of people understand only two levels of pacing: Running as fast as they can or easy jogging,” North says. To get a sense of what different paces feel like, try this short workout: Warm up

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