Who is Frank?

Frank Cunha III recently joined CRRC.  Frank has had a love-hate love affair with running (mostly love) ever since he was a young child.  His father would take him to the park for runs to improve conditioning for soccer and even did a few races for Den of Lions (Newark running club) before entering high school. During high school he ran track in the winter and spring (as a way to maintain fitness for soccer). During and after college he continue his running career, running for fitness and fun and even a few 5K’s here and there.  After getting married and having three children of his own, Frank found himself overweight and extremely fatigued after running a few miles.  This encourage Frank to join Weight Watchers and subsequently lost around 50 pounds over three years.  He started feeling younger and stronger (and faster and lighter!) and started doing 5K’s again.  He soon joined a local running group (SRC) in 2013 and slowly increased his weekly mileage.  In early 2014 he trained for his longest run, a 50K held in March; joined a cycling club; taught himself to freestyle (swimming, not dancing); and became a self-proclaimed triathlete, competing in 2 sprint races and 2 olympic distance races in the summer of 2014.  In 2015, he aspires to complete a 70.3 (half full distance triathlon); another 50K foot race; and hopes to stay motivated and in shape to do a full Ironman distance triathlon when his kids are older.  Any questions regarding multi-sport training and/or endurance running feel free to contact Frank by email at fc3arch@gmail.com.

Personal Webpage – Frank Cunha III
Work Webpage – FC3 Architecture 
Architecture & Art Blog – I Love My Architect
Fitness, Endurance & Multi-Sport Blog – ArchitectNinja


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