Myths about weight loss: Health and fitness tips from an Architect

If you do not like the way you feel, there is still time to do something about it!


I Love My Architect


I recently lost 40 lbs and went from a size 38 pants to 32.  I want to share some of my tips with my readers to help them get health and fit for 2013.

Beat the stereo-types and myths about weight loss and fitness.

Paying for it

  • Don’t believe the hype you hear!
  • It feels good to flex your “wallet” muscles but don’t waist your money on expensive gadgets
  • Buying magic pills, machines and equipment doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight
  • Your body is your best weapon
  • Don’t believe in Magic; Make it a lifestyle change

Lose weight fast

  • Don’t believe the hype you hear!
  • It takes time to lose weight – don’t rush it
  • Don’t go crazy
  • It’s OK to cheat (once in a while)
  • Don’t be ashamed to use Weightwatchers or other similar programs to help you track calories – Check out the Livestrong app
  • Don’t drink your calories…

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