As with the cycle of daylight so goes the cycle of my running. I don’t know about you but for me longer days means longer and more intense runs and more mental/physical energy. As the daytime increases so does my intensity and drive. Coincidentally, the opposite happens as daytime hours decrease. As a relatively new, “getting back into the sport after taking a break to get married, buy a home, have kids, find a better job,” runner in the past I would fight this annual, natural cycle. I always lost. As I train more seriously for running and triathlon races over the past few years I realized I have to go with the flow. Literally, go with the flow of daytime daylight. In the spring I ramp up my running, by the late summer, early fall time I peak, then by late fall early winter I start to taper.    


Doing this does a few things that can help you get ready for the next running season:

  1. You can still run races effectively (concentrate on shorter, local runs to support a local organization, church or charity you like)
  2. You can try new things (I try to hit the trails more and enjoy nature, helps with focus and high knees)
  3. You can work on your weaknesses (whether that’s hills, speed training, long runs, etc.) without messing up your training schedule
  4. You have more time for strength training, cross training, yoga and stretching (dear I say cycling and swimming too?)
  5. You can run for the fun of it, which helps get your mind un-focused and re-focused for the spring (running “just” for the “fun” of it, what’s that?) 

I would love to hear your thoughts on your winter / off-season training and how you keep yourself motivated.


Frank Cunha III, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Assoc.
Principal / CEO / Registered Architect
Licensed in CT, DC, DE, FL, NJ, NY, MD, PA, VA


P.O. Box 335, Hamburg, NJ 07419
e-mail: fcunha <at> fc3arch.com
mobile: 201.681.3551
direct: 973.970.3551
fax: 973.718.4641
“If not now then when if not us then who?”
-Winston Churchill


Registered Architect & Visual Artist

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