By Frank Cunha III

A few weeks ago (on August 1, 2015) I participated in the 20th Annual “RIVER TO SEA RELAY” (14 stages totaling 91 miles) with my friends from my Sparta Runners Club.  Unlike any other race I have ever completed before this one gave me an entirely new perspective on participating in a long distance event.  Each member of the team runs two separate legs of the race.  The team’s start time is based on the team’s average 5K time (slower teams start first).  We all start the race in Milford NJ and end in Manasquan NJ.  If you ever decide to participate in this type of event you must know that it is not all about running.  Each team is required to have two vehicles and runners do not (or should not) rest between their legs of the race.  Instead they assist the current runner and bring the next relay runner to the the next check point.  Besides lots of logistics, like knowing where to go next and pumping up your teammates, is your need of support and your reciprocation of support.  On a hot 90-100F day you cannot take for granted your teammates soaking you down with ice water and waiting for you along the route to keep you hydrated.
Perhaps even more important than the support received was the support you give your teammates.  To me that was what made the day so special.  And I am eternally grateful to have served my team mates and their support during my run segments.
My Team Mates:
Frank Cervino
Alessandro Bronzini
Joe Farinella
Ed Curtin
Noah Meineke
Jim Ruiz
Some Photos:

Seven Smart Asses Relay Team


Getting Pumped for My First Stage (The Beast)


Crazy Smart Asses


Hills, Hills & More Hills


Hot Day


Finishing Up My Second Segment (Long & Hot)


With Team Mate Joe (Turning 77 This Year — What’s Your Excuse?)


A Fun Day Running Across the State (From Dawn Til Dusk)

Event Information:
To learn more about the event Click Here.

My Segments:
1) R2C Relay Leg 4 – “THE BEAST” – Lambertville, New Jersey
2) R2C Relay Leg 9 – “Looonnnggg & Hot” – South Brunswick Township, New Jersey
* They were both beasts; long and hotttt!!!


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