Things to Work on for My Swim


Ever wonder what the life-guards are thinking when you are doing your early morning swim workout?  I always did. Well…

Today I found out and it wasn’t pretty. I trust this kid, he is a lean 25 year old grad who is a lifeguard at the gym I work out at. He also happens to be a swimming coach, spinning instructor, and a triathlete (and he mentioned something about Nationals). After talking shop for a while he asked if he could critique my swimming stroke. The results are in and besides my entire swim everything is 100% perfect…. I’m not discouraged, I have a few months to work on these weaknesses and come back stronger this year for my second triathlon season. Here is what he said.


  • Reduce splashing
  • Smoother swim

Cross Over

  • Avoid passing centerline
  • May be result of my kick-board grip

Pull Mechanics

  • Pint fingertips towards bottom of pool

Bi-Lateral Breathing

  • More rhythmic/consistent
  • Switch sides every three strokes

Catch & Finish

  • Improve Technique
  • Poor catch
  • Follow through another 8” at final part of stroke

Vary Intensity of Workouts

  • Do not do a workout at the same speed
  • Swim at various speeds

Other than that, everything is great.

PS In my own defense he was critiquing me after I worked out 5 days straight logging 20+ miles running and 50+ miles biking, but that’s no excuse. I’m humbled and determined to try harder!

Stay tuned for an update soon (if I don’t drown in my self wallowing).


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