Why This Year is My Year


1) Experience 

  • Older and a bit wiser, I’m no longer a Triathlete (swimming/cyclist) newbie
  • Train smarter, not harder
  • Understanding/improving my strengths and weaknesses


2) Packs

  • Learn from the experience of my running and cycling groups
  • Join another running group that pushes my running comfort boundaries
  • Enjoy the camaraderie, unified suffering


3) Diversity

  • Find new challenges
  • Discover new places to train and compete
  • Break through the monotony by trying new activities to strengthen my body and sharpen my mind


4) Specificity

  • Not overtraining for the sake of training
  • Not only focus more on speed and volume alone, also focus on the specific race day course
  • Work on my reflexes and my mental stamina – intensity factor for each planned race course

Womens 4x100m Free Relay Finals

5) Older but Faster

  • Work on speed workouts (patiently building up anaerobic threshold)
  • Strength my swim, bike, runs by doing intervals
  • Enjoy – Recovery, mentally and physically


6) Encourage Others

  • Work as a team
  • Encourage my kids and their friends (advantage of S/B/R conditioning on their team sports)
  • Promote the sport


7) Fun

  • Continue to have fun doing what I love
  • Challenge myself to find new places to swim, bike, run
  • This doesn’t mean I’m not going to suffer, just means I will enjoy the scenery



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