Training Report – First Long Run of the Year (with Homemade Snow Sneakers)

First Long Run of the Year 01-04-2014

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Event: Sparta Runners Weekend Run

Host: Sparta Runners Club

Location: Kittatiny State Park, Andover, NJ, USA

Distance: 10 Miles

My Time: 1:34:10

Warm Up: N/A

Cool Down: N/A

Pre-Race Meals: Breakfast: coffee, oatmeal, yogurt; Snack: Cheddar Goldfish

Sleep: 6-7 hours

Course Difficulty: 3/5

Course Description: mostly open roads, scenic lake, woods, very steep hills

Training Notes:

First run with Homemade Homemade Snow Sneakers.


  • Homemade Snow Sneakers definitely work, especially if you are running on the shoulder of the road with some ice and snow
  • Great way to save some money and reuse older sneakers
  • No damage to the sole (make sure you get the right size screws)
  • Easy on, easy off (I save the screws and cheap screw driver in a Ziploc bag
  • Did I mention?…. You can work out in the snow and ice


  • Not recommended for deep, soft snow
  • Not recommended for long runs – my heels started bothering me just a little bit around mile 8 — not sure if it was because of screws or step uphills/downhills requiring more “slowing down” or just from being uncomfortable from the frigid cold acrtic blast we had today
  • Can be annoying if running on and off of snow and ice
  • Requires removal for indoor use
  • Requires some experimenting with screw pattern/configuration

Please be safe out there and have fun!


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