10 Ways Ironman Triathletes Can Avoid Chronic Cardio Self-Destruction

Written by Ben Greenfield

At the recent Ancestral Health Symposium, Dr. James O’Keefe, a cardiologist from the Mid America Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Hospital reported on findings that exercise can be harmful, especially when performed as chronic cardio training and racing for extreme endurance events such as Ironman triathlon….

this article isn’t meant to scare you from endurance exercise altogether. As a multiple Ironman triathlon and marathon finisher, I’ll be among the first to acknowledge that in order to “climb your personal Mt. Everest”, build self-esteem or self-realization through completing a grueling event, or achieving your dream of crossing the Ironman finish line, you may need to exercise slightly more than Dr. O’Keefe’s recommendation of 30-60 minutes per day (after which it is suggested that you may reach a point of diminishing health returns)….

Minimalist Ironman Training Strategies

  • Do Short Swims
  • Mostly Bike Indoors
  • No Early Season Long Bikes
  • Bike Alone
  • No Long Runs
  • Run On Short Courses
  • Lift
  • Recover
  • Diet

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