Proper Pacing Will Make You a Better Runner

Practice Different Paces

“A lot of people understand only two levels of pacing: Running as fast as they can or easy jogging,” North says. To get a sense of what different paces feel like, try this short workout: Warm up easy for 10 to 15 minutes. Then run one mile at marathon pace, four minutes at half-marathon pace, three minutes at 10-K pace, and two one-minute segments at 5-K pace, with 90 seconds of recovery jogging in between each interval.

Runners with a goal race should do workouts at their goal pace, says Boston-based coach Jeff Gaudette, so they’ll know what to expect on race day. For instance, three to four weeks before a half or full marathon, do five to 10 one-mile repeats at goal pace with one minute recovery in between. Three weeks before a 5-K or 10-K, do 12 x 400 at goal pace with 30-second jogs in between. Your body will learn that the pace naturally feels easier early in the workout or race.

Try it….

A half or full marathon race

(5 – 10) x one-mile repeats at goal pace with 1-minute rest

5-K or 10-K race

(12) x 400 at goal pace with 30-second jogs in between.

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Paceline Drafting – Riding in a Pack

In order to become a better triathlete I train with a running club and a cycling club so I am always running with the best runners and cycling withe best cyclists (still looking for a Masters swim program/group to join).  Focusing on the cycling part for this post — To keep up with the group I am learning the proper etiquette of riding in a group (they call it a pack).  Here are some great tips from the experts:
Soft pedaling
Drafting is the essence of group cycling, but many riders don’t do it as well as they could. Here’s a technique that’ll help change that.
Ride with two or more friends at a moderate pace on a safe road. Form a paceline with you in the middle, about three feet behind a rear wheel.

After you get comfortable, move closer. At two feet you’ll feel a stronger slipstream. At one foot, stronger yet. That’s the idea. Closer is better for energy savings. But it also requires more concentration.
The instinctive reaction is to grab the brakes when you see the gap closing to mere inches. But that’s the wrong way. Braking should be the last resort in a paceline or anytime someone is close behind. It slows you too abruptly and might cause them to do what you’re trying to avoid — hitting a rear wheel.

The solution: Soft pedal.
This is the art of continuing to turn the crank but slowly enough so you aren’t applying power. You’re coasting but it doesn’t look like it. This should reduce your speed just enough. As soon as you drift back to your comfortable distance, begin reapplying pedal pressure to maintain the gap.
Soft pedaling makes you much smoother than alternating coasting and pedaling. Suddenly stopping and starting is a sure way to annoy your riding partners, too. When everyone in a paceline is always turning their cranks, it’s a beautiful thing.

Two other non-braking tips:
Sit up. As you soft pedal, this helps you catch more air to reduce speed.
Move slightly left or right. This slows you quicker by putting you slightly out of the slipstream, and it makes sure wheels won’t touch. Do it smoothly and minimally for the safety of riders behind. Then flow back in line as you switch from soft pedaling to normal pedaling.
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My First Tri – 2014 Lincoln Park Triathlon

“For me, like so many others, running is the answer. Out on the road it is just you, the pavement, and your will.”

John Bingham


John Bingham 

A-Ninja-002 A-Ninja-001A-Ninja-003

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My First 50-Mile Bicycle Ride (Hosted by Tuga Cycling Den of Lions – NJ)

Memorial Day 2014 – Bike Ride

From: Union, New Jersey
To: Blue Army Shrine Our Lady Of Fatima
Distance: 54.46 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,177 ft
Calories: 1,654 C
Avg HR: 121 bpm
Max HR: 177 bpm
Moving Time: 3:54:04
Avg Moving Speed: 14.0 mph
Max Speed: 32.8 mph
Garmin Connect

Special Thanks to TUGA Cycling & Tuga Cycling Den of Lions – NJ

Memorial Day 2014 - My First 50 Mile Bike Ride 20140526_092259_1 20140526_092311_1 20140526_104528_1 20140526_120949_1 20140526_133306_1

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I Wonder Why They Call This “THE INTESTINES” Trail?

Care to guess?

The Intestines

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05/23/14 First Day Back #MountainBike

After taking about 8 years off I’m back in the mountain bike game….yay….

05-23-2014 First Day Back MountainBike

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Running / Pretty Boys

“Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys… It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. Its the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there’s not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fiber in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel. And when you’ve finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that’s all that you can ask for.”

Paul Maurer

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